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The Birth of the Digital Consumer

The Birth of the Digital Consumer

In today's digital age, the age of internet of things and the age of the virtual communications, interactions and reality, we spend equal time if not more on digital media and channels compared to physical ones and yet there is no one place that gives you thought leadership, guidance and recommendations on the Digital consumer. So that's why The Digital Consumer is born!

Within this digital world, the "digital consumer" is used in various contexts and definitions. Many relate it to individuals who surf the web and who transact/shop online, others relate it to people who consume content such as ebooks and/or video content and some relate it to the social media adopters and online gamers. In my perspective, all of the above is very valid but the "digital consumer" is way more than that. From my perspective, the Digital Consumer can be defined as:

Any individual (private or employee) who interacts with digital products (from content consumption to enterprise revenue generation) across various media and channels to fulfill their expected task(s).

Based on the above, the digital consumer already existed 30 years ago with the birth of the computer and has transformed the lives of all people and enterprises since then.

On this site and on a regular basis, we will be uncovering topics, strategies, hints and recommendations on anything related to the digital consumer, from their profiles and segments, to "how-to" content on communicating, marketing, selling, supporting, socialising, motivating and engaging with the digital consumer.

In every blog and around every topic, we will show a different view and angle on challenges, opportunities and recommendations that you can relate to, think of and use respectively, allowing us together to move on the same journey of understanding and serving the Digital Consumer better.


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